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Frankie’s Churros is a growing franchise formula. That is why we like to get in touch with enthusiastic and ambitious entrepreneurs [in the making] who see opportunities and of course dare to take them.

How to become an entrepreneur at Frankie's Churros?

The franchise process has multiple steps that both parties go through. Going through this process gives both parties extensive opportunities to get to know each other well. After all, it is a long-term collaboration.

The steps consist of an:

  • Meet 'n Greet
    You will first have an exploratory meeting with the franchisor at one of our locations. This way you can immediately taste the Frankie's Churros atmosphere.
  • Virtual Meeting
    This is followed by an extensive introductory meeting. The location is coordinated as well as the financial conditions. A confidentiality agreement will be signed.
  • Viewing potential properties [introduced by franchisee]:
    the franchisor will look at a proposed property together with the potential franchisee
  • Internship:
    To learn all the tricks of the trade, the franchisee will spend a while at a Frankie’s Churros location. The franchisee is being prepared to start successfully at his own franchise store.


At Frankie’s Churros we make sure everything runs smoothly behind the scenes. So that you as an entrepreneur only have to worry about everything in front of the screens.


The marketing department takes care of the marketing for Frankie's Churros branches.


As a franchisee you will buy from the franchisor. We will conduct the discussions with suppliers, so you are sure to get the best conditions and prices. Creating time for you to focus on your team and your guests.

Product development

We are continuously working on innovation and improvement of the franchise formula, the products, and our assortment.

Why Frankie’s Churros?

  • We differentiate ourselves from ordinary factory processed churros
  • One way we do this is by offering a consistent high quality of products and services to give customers the best possible experience
  • We have very high standards and want to provide a constant high-quality experience, in taste as well as in service.
  • [Y]our staff is obliged to go through a special training, so we can ensure that we walk our talk.
  • We have a wide assortment that matches anyone’s needs.
  • The entire process from all our products is completely visible to our customers, what you see is what you get.
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