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Churros and chocolate sauceChurros and coffee with chocolate
Two yellow churros
Enjoy the sweet moment...

Get freshly baked churros
and more at Frankie's Churros!

A drink and a coffee
Frankie's Churros vignette

Visit our locations!

Frankie's Churros Roermond

Designer Outlet Roermond
Stadsweide 2
6041 TD Roermond

Frankie's Churros Köln

Hohe Str. 115 B
50667 Köln

Frankie's Churros Aachen

Adalbertstrasse 57

52062 Aachen

Natural oil

It’s only natural...

All our churros are made fresh. We make fresh dough continuously and bake our churro’s in 100% natural oil... So you always get your churros in the freshest possible way!
And after that... it’s up to you! Pick your favorite toppings to really create irresistible churros!
Cold drinks and hot drinks
A bag of churros

And that's not all folks!

Our menu goes beyond churros and toppings. Have a taste of our delicious milkshakes, ice creams, slushes, sundaes, or shuffles.

Got thirsty yet?
No problem, we have got several cold and hot drinks in our assortment to provide your needs. Check out or locations to see where you can get our delicious Delights from Frankie's!
A bag of churros

Click on the Frankie's Delight of your choice!